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State of the art sanitising

What is it?

AirVisan®, obtained through green chemistry, is a broad spectrum sanitizing solution, highly effective against germs and bacteria. It is based on active chlorine in the form of hypochlorous acid (HOCI). Independently tested to meet the following Standards:
EN1276, EN1650 & EN13727.

Why does it work?

The main active component of AirVisan® is Hypochlorous acid. It is found naturally in white blood cells in the human body and is a major component to fight infection. It has no electric charge and boasts a relatively low molecular weight. This makes it more effective in penetrating the cell membrane of pathogens than other types of chlorine including hypochlorite (bleach).


Where can one use it?

AirVisan® is a ready to use fogging solution for the treatment of air, surfaces and water. An added bonus, is that it is also an excellent natural odour eliminator. AirVisan® meets the disinfecting requirements of new and more stringent green safety standards.

The advantages of AirVisan®


When out shopping:

AirVisan - Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Fogging

AirVisan - Ultra Fine Mist Sprayer

Disperse AirVisan via our airless (aerosol-free), fine mist sprayer. Each squeeze of the trigger dispenses 1.2cc of AirVisan per second in a long continuous spray.

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AirVisan C20 Vectorfog® (ULV) Cold Fogger (Electric)

The new powerful C20 electric cold fogger. Due to its compact design is ideal for spraying in smaller spaces.

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AirVisan - C100+ Vectorfog® ULV Cold Fogger (Electric)

One of the most powerful and durable ULV machines of its size in the market. This versatile fogger makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

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Airvisan DC20+ Vectorfog® ULV Cold Fogger (Battery)

DC20+ Flexible, cordless battery powered fogger, produces 40min continuous fogging time.

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Disinfecting is a critical aspect in my practice. I use AirVisan's HOCI before during and after patient treatments. Droplet nuclei are effectively eliminated from the air and surfaces without compromising staff and patient safety.

DR. JOHANN ACKERMAN BChD(Pret) Specialist Oral Surgeon and Implantologist

I tried a couple different sanitisers but just realised they are pretty terrible to spray around kids and pets especially.  After doing some research, I found HOCI by Airvisan, 100% safe and so gentle. This will be my go to virus defence from now on.

Chloe S

We spray Airvisan on all of our weight equipment and we don't have to worry about it corroding the metal. Our members like the clean smell it leaves as well. We are thrilled to have found an organic sanitiser that's ok to spray on expensive gym equipment. The 1000 ppm strength, gives us confidence that any bacteria/viruses are being eradicated

Joshua M


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