Does it replace all chemical cleaners?
AirVisan, is an effective odour eliminator and a mild cleaner. It replaces all-purpose cleaners, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, glass and metal cleaners, and deodorisers. It doesn’t replace strong degreasers and descalers, although it is effective if used on a daily basis.

Does it perform as well as chemicals?
Yes. it does. In fact, tests prove that it is more effective than synthetic chemicals in eliminating odour producing bacteria, while the cleaning agent is gentler.

AirVisan Micro Mist seems tailored to business use. Can it be used in the home?
The very versatile AirVisan Micro Mist is suitable for business as well as home use. Super-oxidized, purified AirVisan® is manufactured undiluted and at maximum strength, therefore one does not need a lot to eliminate odours in an area - Only a few sprays are sufficient. 

What does AirVisan smell like after fogging?
Once misted it emits a chlorine smell which dissipates quickly and is replaced by a pleasant, sanitized ambiance.

Is there a wait for before entering the room again, from best practice use?
AirVisan is perfectly safe around children, pets and plants, however as an added precaution, wait for approximately for 10 minutes before re-using the area.

What is the concentration of the solution?
The performance of HOCI is normally measured by its concentration – parts per million (ppm) of the active substance – in this case FAC (or free available chlorine). Many microorganisms can be destroyed with a concentration of around 20ppm of FAC, while tap water contains between 0.2 to 2ppm. A healthy swimming pool or spa, has a FAC count of between 3ppm and 5ppm.
High purity AirVisan, is a ready to use concentration of +1000ppm FAC, which has a very high efficacy in eliminating microorganisms and represents a super powerful level for odour elimination and cleaning.

Fogging Machines

Why is AirVisan's Micro Mist Fogger so effective?
AirVisan's Micro Mist Fogger delivers fine nano mist particles (approx. 30 Microns), which  enables the disinfectant molecules to be suspended in the air for a longer period. AirVisan;s powerful yet safe, eco friendly, bacteria odour eliminating fogging solution, destroys air borne pathogens on contact. 
AirVisan is:
• Safe for food preparation areas
• Ready to use
• Meets EN1276, EN1650 and EN13727 standards 

Is AirVisan recommended for use in offices?
The computer areas in offices are bacteria hotspots and notoriously difficult and time consuming to clean. With many monitors, keyboards, printers and tangles of wires, the best solution to reach all these surfaces rapidly, is to fog AirVisan with our Micro Mist Sprayer and wipe down where possible.


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